South Florida F2F2 Feasibility Study Report Highlights New Opportunity for Sustainable Fuels Development

1 August 2017 – 18 months ago, the Treasure Coast Education, Research and Development Authority (TCERDA) launched a small feasibility study as part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)/U.S. Federal Aviation Administration/CAAFI “Farm to Fly 2.0 (F2F2)” initiative. The study, funded by a USDA Florida State Rural Development Office grant, sought to determine if and how work started by the Florida Department of Agriculture and the University of Florida could substantiate the viability of industrial sugar and starch row crops in south Florida. Follow-up success could both transform agriculture in a region devastated by the loss of its citrus cultivation due to citrus greening disease, and develop a sustainable supply chain for sustainable alternative jet fuel in the region.

With the release of the “Farm to Fly Florida Feasibility Study Report,” the discovery of a dynamic pathway to retain citrus processors in the region, and to provide growers a key to link to benefit from bio co-product to supply has emerged along with a roadmap for development success.

Look for a more detailed CAAFI perspective from the study and its implications to F2F2 next week!

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