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Topic Date
· Overview of the 2023 Billion-Ton Report
Dr. Matthew Langholtz (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
May 15
· ASCENT Projects 93 and 100 – Global SAF Supply Chain Development
Webinar Recording
Dr. Prem Lobo (FAA)
Apr 10
· U.S. Perspective on Power-to-Liquids (PtL) Concepts for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) Production
Webinar Recording
Dr. Florian Allroggen (MIT)
Mar 20
· Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) Repository at Paine Field in Washington State
Dr. Josh Heyne (Washington State University)
Jan 31


Topic Date
· Overview of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) Activities at the Bioenergy Research Centers
Webinar Recording
Dr. Brian Davison (CBI)
Tim Donohue (GLBRC)
Dr. Jennifer R. Gottwald (GLBRC)
Dr. Andrew Leakey (CABBI)
Dr. Aindrila Mukhopadhyay (JBEI)
Aug 15
· Methanol Landscape and the Methanol-to-Jet SAF Pathway
Webinar Recording
Greg Dolan – Methanol Institute
· Methanol-to-Jet: About Methanol
Dan Kadlecek – ExxonMobil
· Methanol to Jet (MTJ) - ASTM D02.0J AC724 Task Force
July 25
· Overview of SAF Research at USDA-ARS
Dr. Bill Orts (USDA ARS)
· Perspectives from USDA research…Hot Feedstocks for SAF
Dr. Colleen McMahan (USDA-ARS)
· Guayule Bagasse as a Biomass Feedstock for Liquid Fuels
May 10
· Enabling Renewable Energy Through Synthetic Biology
Webinar Recording
Patrick Vagner (Ginkgo Bioworks)
Brian Brazeau (Ferment)
John Getz (Ginkgo Bioworks)
Mar 9
· Overview and Update of ASCENT’s SAF Research
Mike Wolcott (Washington State University/ASCENT)
Feb 15
· SAF R&D at Sandia National Laboratories
Webinar Recording
Anthe George (Sandia National Laboratories)
Ryan Davis (Sandia National Laboratories)
Alexander Landera (Sandia National Laboratories)
Isaac Ekoto (Sandia National Laboratories)
Feb 8
· Regional Projects: Accelerating SAF Project and Supply Chain Development
through Rural Business Development Grants and Bioeconomy Development
Opportunity Zones
Webinar Recording
Todd Campbell (Clean Economy Works)
Jordan Solomon (Ecostrat)
Feb 1
· Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) Grand Challenge Roadmap: Progress Update
Webinar Recording
Nate Brown (FAA)
Bill Goldner (USDA)
Zia Haq (DOE)
Jan 25


Topic Date
· SAF and the ICAO LTAG Report on Future Trends in International Aviation
CO2 Emissions
Dr. James Hileman and Dr. Anna Oldani (FAA)
Oct 11
· Overview of the GREET Model for Life-cycle Analysis
Dr. Michael Wang (Argonne National Lab)
Apr 20
· Sustainable Agriculture Systems Funding Opportunity
Webinar Recording
Kevin Kephart (USDA)
Apr 13
· Overview of the SAF Work at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
Webinar Recording
Corinne Drennan (PNNL)
Mar 10
· Sustainable Aviation Fuels at the Joint Bioenergy Institute
Webinar Recording
Dr. Blake Simmons (JBEI)
Feb 2
· To 35 Billion Gallons of SAF by 2050
Dr. Zia Abdullah (NREL)
Jan 19


Topic Date
· SAF Efforts at DOE’s National Labs: Feedstock Work at Idaho National Lab (INL) and
Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL)
Dr. Mark Elless (U.S. DOE Bioenergy Technologies Office)
Dr. Lynn Wendt (U.S. DOE Bioenergy Technologies Office & INL)
Dr. Matthew Langholtz (ORNL)
Nov 17
· 100% SAF: Highlighting and Exploring Open Questions
Dr. M. Gurhan Andac (GE Aviation and CAAFI R&D Focus Area Co-Lead)
Dr. Stephen Kramer (Pratt & Whitney and CAAFI R&D Focus Area Co-Lead)
Oct 6
· Overview of IPREFER and SPARC: Projects Funded by USDA NIFA AFRI
Dr. Win Phippen (Western Illinois University)
Dr. Sheeja George (University of Florida)
Jun 16
· Overview of C-CHANGE’s Grass2Gas and MASBio: Two NIFA Grant Awardees
Dr. Tom Richard (Penn State University)
Dr. Jingxin Wang (West Virginia University)
May 6
· Hydro-thermal Liquefaction (HTL) for SAF - State of Technology & Research Needs
Jonathan Holladay (PNNL) and Zia Haq (DOE_BETO)
Feb 10
· International Activities Supporting SAF Development
Implementation of CORSIA in the U.S. (Dan Williams, FAA)
Voluntary Carbon Exchanges & IATA ACE (Michael Schneider, IATA)
Waypoint 2050: An Air Transport Action Group Project (Philippe Bonnefoy, BlueSky)
Jan 27


Topic Date
· Sustainable Aviation Fuel from Isobutene
Eva van Mastbergen (SkyNRG)
Nov 4
· ICAO CORSIA and Alternative Jet Fuels
Dr. James Hileman (FAA)
July 29
· European Policies: Opportunities and Challenges for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF)
Valentina Vecchio (Boeing)
May 27
· The State of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)
Steve Csonka (CAAFI)
May 6
· More Than Biomass: Purposefully Grown for Ecosystem
Cristina Negri (Argonne National Laboratory)
Jan 16


Topic Team Date
· IPREFER: New Cash Crop for Aviation Fuel
Dr. Winthrop Phippen (IPREFER)
R&D Dec 5
· CoverCress Inc.: Adding Farmer Revenue by Providing the 1st Low Carbon
Intensity Cash Cover Crop on Unused Land Over Winter
Dr. Cris Handel (CoverCress Inc.)
R&D Dec 5
· Forest System Health: Evaluating trade-offs for water, fire, biofuels, and fish
Mark Wigmosta (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
R&D Nov 21
· Low-Cost, Low-Volume Prescreening of Novel SAF
Joshua Heyne (University of Dayton)
R&D Oct 17
· CAAFI State and Regional Initiatives: Process Practices, Case Studies
Richard Altman (CAAFI Executive Director Emeritus)
R&D Sep 25
· Direct Air Capture of CO2 and Recycling CO2 into Sustainable Aviation
Anna Stukas (Carbon Engineering Ltd.)
Ellen Stechel (ASU LightWorks, Arizona State University)
R&D Jun 20
· Harmonized Stochastic Techno-Economic Assessment and Policy Analysis
for Alternative Fuels
Juju (Zhishen) Wang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
R&D Jan 17


Topic Team Date
· Developing New Perennial and Winter Crops to Enhance Minnesota’s Soil
and Water Resources
Donald Wyse and Nick Jordan (University of Minnesota)
R&D Jun 15
· The Creation and Role of the USDA Biomass Research Centers
Dr. William (Bill) Anderson (USDA)
R&D May 4
· ASCENT’s Approach to Regional Projects Under Project 01: Alternative Jet
Fuel Supply Chain Analysis
Nathan Brown (FAA)
Scott Turn (University of Hawaii)
Michael Wolcott (Washington State University)
R&D Feb 23
· NJFCP, Initial Results of Alternative Fuel Effects on Combustor
Performance: Lean Blowout and Ignition
Dr. Joshua Heyne (University of Dayton, ASCENT)
R&D Jan 19


Topic Team Date
· An Overview of the FAA-funded Aviation Sustainability Center (ASCENT)
Regional AJF Supply Chains
Dr. Michael Wolcott (Washington State University, ASCENT)
R&D Dec 8
· Introducing New USDA NIFA AFRI CAP Grant Awardees Developing
Regional AJF Supply Chains
Dr. Kimberly Ogden (University of Arizona)
Dr. David Wright (University of Florida)
R&D Oct 13
· Industrial Ecology Frameworks for Sustainable Aviation Fuel
Dr. Valerie Thomas (Georgia Tech)
Dr. Laurel Harmon (LanzaTech)
Sustainability and R&D June 16
· The Latest De-Risking Techniques for Commercial Scale Project Financing
in Bio
John May (Stern Brothers & Co.)
Tom Dickson (New Energy Risk)
Business May 19
· Advanced Feedstock Supply System Development at the Idaho National
David Thompson (Idaho National Laboratory)
R&D Mar 24


Topic Team Date
· Farm to Fly with Vermont Dairies
Anju Krivov (GSR Solutions)
R&D Dec 9
· GMP Clean Energy Cleaner Water Projects in Vermont
David Dunn (Green Mountain Power)
R&D Dec 9
· Vermont Digesters with Nutrient Recovery
Jerry Bingold (Newtrient)
R&D Dec 9
· Social Elements of Sustainable Aviation Fuel Systems:
Assessment and Application
Mike Gaffney (Washington State University)
Paul Smith (Pennsylvania State University)
Sustainability Nov 18
· CAAFI - Farm to Fly 2.0
Ben DeVries (Treasure Coast Research Park)
R&D Sep 16
· Building Sustainable Aviation Biofuel Options “State by State” via “Farm to
Fly” 2.0
Richard Altman (CAAFI)
R&D Sep 16
· Short- and Long-Term Global Alternative Jet Fuel Production and
Associated GHG Emissions Benefits
Mark Staples (Laboratory for Aviation and Environment, Massachusetts
Institute of Technology)
Sustainability Jun 10
· Production of Aviation Fuels and Chemicals from Poplar Feedstocks
Rick Gustafson (University of Washington School of Environmental and
Forest Services)
R&D Apr 8
· Aviation Biofuels and the Chesapeake Watershed: Coupling Sustainable
Energy with Sustainable Agriculture
Tom Richard et al. (Pennsylvania State University, ASCENT, NEWBio)
R&D Feb 26
· Perspectives on Renewable Synthesized Aromatic Kerosene and
Developing Alt Jet Fuel from Feedstocks Grown in the Southeast
John Russin (Louisiana State University)
Brice Dally (Virent)
Cynthia Ginestra (Shell)
R&D Jan 22


Topic Team Date
· Envisioning Alternative Aviation Fuel Supply Chains for the Northwest
Michael Wolcott and Ralph Cavalieri (Washington State University, Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance)
R&D Oct 9
· Co-Processing of HEFA Feedstocks with Petroleum Hydrocarbons for Jet
Joe Sorena (Chevron)
Enrico Lodrigueza (Phillips 66)
Alisdair Clark (AirBP)
R&D Jun 19
· Co-Processing of Green Crude in Existing Oil Refineries
Ben Saydah (Sapphire Energy)
R&D Jan 23


Topic Team Date
· Refinery Integration of Renewable Feedstocks
John Holladay (Energy and Environment Directorate, Pacific Northwest
National Laboratory)
R&D Nov 14
· Renewable Hydrogen from Biomass Pyrolysis Aqueous Phase
Abhijeet Borole et al. (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Georgia Institute of
Technology, University of Tennessee, OmniTech International, FuelCellEtc, Inc., Pall Corporation)
R&D May 30
· Virent is Replacing Crude Oil
David Hitchcock (Virent)
R&D Mar 21


Topic Team Date
· Electrochemical Deoxygenation Process for Bio-Oil Upgrading
S. Elangovan, Joseph Hartvigsen, Lyman Frost (Ceramatec)
R&D Nov 8
· Fractionation and Catalytic Upgrading of Bio-Oil
Daniel Resasco (University of Oklahoma)
R&D Oct 11

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CAAFI General Meetings

CAAFI Biennial General Meeting 2022 · June 1-3, 2022

General Meeting Webinar Replays →

Day 1
· Day 1 Slide Deck
· SAF Grand Challenge Roadmap Overview
Day 2
Day 2 Slide Deck
Funding Resources Available to Achieve Roadmap Targets
Feedstocks and Supply Chains for 2030 Targets
· Special Address with Jerry Steiner, CoverCress Chairman
· Parade of Commercialization Efforts
Feedstocks and Supply Chains for 2030 Targets (Continued)
ASTM Certification/Qualification Update
100% Synthetic Aviation Turbine Fuel Update
Day 3
Day 3 Slide Deck
Regional Project Activities
Business Aviation Perspectives as End Users
International SAF Commercialization Activities
Feedstocks, Conversion, and Innovation: Now Through Beyond 2030
Evaluation of Non-CO2 SAF Benefits

CAAFI Biennial General Meeting 2018 · December 4-6, 2018

General Meeting Summary and Outcomes →

Agenda →

Day 1
· 1.1 Welcome/Intro
· 1.2 Value Proposition of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF)
· 1.5 The Producer Pack
· 1.6 Parade of Commercialization, Part 1
· 1.7 Commercialization Progress Presentation
· 1.8 Parade of Commercialization, Part 2
· 1.8 Parade of Commercialization, Part 2 – Bauldreay Shell IH2
· 1.9 Policy Discussion
Day 2
· 2.1 Opening Remarks
· 2.2 Introduction to ASCENT
· 2.3 Future Production Potential of SAF in the U.S.
· 2.5 Enabling Lipid-based Fuel Production
· 2.6 Real World Supply Chain Development: ASCENT & CAAFI Regional Projects
· 2.7 Air Service and Airline Economics
· 2.8 Real World Supply Chain Development: USDA Coordinated Agriculture Projects
· 2.9 Real World Supply Chain Development: Supply Chain Tools
· 2.10 Goals Prioritization Activity
· 2.12 ASTM and Fuel Qualification
· 2.13 National Jet Fuels Combustion Program Activities
Day 3
· 3.1 Opening Remarks
· 3.2 SAF Benefits: Air Quality and Other Atmospheric Research
· 3.4 CAAFI Fuel, Feedstock, and Commercial Maturity Tools
· 3.5 Open Discussion
· 3.7 The Global Scene: Public-Private Partnerships and Deployment Activities
· 3.9 Canada’s SAF Activities
· 3.10 Closing Remarks

CAAFI Biennial General Meeting 2016 · October 25-27, 2016

View photos from the meeting.

· General Meeting Summary and Outcomes
· List of Presentations
· Opening Remarks
· Panel/Presentation 1: Climate Change Policy
· Special Guest Comment 1: Indonesia Aviation Biofuels Policy
· Panel/Presentation 2: Commercial Successes/Challenges
· Panel/Presentation 3: U.S. Leadership/Cooperation to Advance Deployment
· Special Guest Comment 2: NASA
· Panel/Presentation 4: Project Activity Around the World
· Panel/Presentation 5: Research for the Future of Alternative Fuels
· Panel/Presentation 6: Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) Certification and Qualification
Unconference Session Set 1
Unconference Session Set 2
CAAFI Work Team Breakout Sessions
· Panel/Presentation 7: U.S. State and Local Initiatives
· Panel/Presentation 8: Defense Production Act (DPA) Awardee Progress
· Panel/Presentation 9: Great Green Fleet (GGF)
· Panel/Presentation 10: Parade of Commercialization Pursuits
Report-Outs from Team Breakout Sessions
· Federal Alternative Jet Fuel R&D Strategy (FAJFRDS) Federal Agency Panel
· FAJFRDS: Perspectives from Stakeholders
· Motivational Address

2014 CAAFI General Meeting · January 28-29, 2014

· 2014 CAAFI Meeting Summary and Outcomes
· Opening Remarks
· Government Partners' Activities Update
· Finance Panel
· Keynote
· Biggest Challenges Panel
· Business Team Breakout Summary
· Certification/Qualification Team Breakout Session
· Certification/Qualification Team Breakout Summary
· Environment Team Breakout Session
· Environment Team Breakout Summary
· Research and Development Team Breakout Session
· Research and Development Team Breakout Summary
· CAAFI Work Team Summaries & Discussion
· Public-Private Partnership Efforts Panel
· Local Initiatives Panel
· Airline Engagement & Partnerships Panel
· International Initiatives Panel

2011 CAAFI General Meeting · November 30-December 1, 2011

· 2011 CAAFI General Meeting Summary and Outcomes

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Other CAAFI Meetings and Presentations

CAAFI 2023 2-Day SAF Virtual Conference · June 15-16, 2023

Day 1. Path to Meeting SAF Grand Challenge Goals
Session 1: Opening Remarks
Steve Csonka, CAAFI
· Session 2: Scene Setting and Context for the SAF Grand Challenge Goals
Steve Csonka (CAAFI)
Kevin Welsh (FAA)
Valerie Sarisky-Reed (DOE)
John Hebert (Third Way)
· Session 3: Contributing to the 2030 SAF Grand Challenge Goal - 3 B gpy Domestic Production
Mike McAdams (ABFA)
Lindsay Fitzgerald (Gevo)
Alex Menotti (LanzaJet)
Adam Klauber (World Energy)
Michael Sargeant (Neste)
· Session 4: Leveraging Connectivity to Existing Industries to Meet SAF Grand Challenge Goals
Valerie Sarisky-Reed (DOE)
Tim Obitts (Alder)
Geoff Cooper (RFA)
Steve Csonka (CAAFI)
· Session 5: Airline perspectives on Federal and State Policy Needs for SAF
Tim Pohle (A4A)
· Session 6: How Airlines are Taking Action on SAF
Cathy Bucht (A4A)
Sara Bogdan (JetBlue)
Helen Giles (Southwest Airlines)
Courtney Unruh (Alaska Airlines)
· Session 7: Sustainability of SAF
Kristin Lewis (USDOT-Volpe)
Elena Schmidt (RSB)
Kim Carnahan (Engie/SABA)
John Holler (WWF)
· Session 8: Closing Remarks
Steve Csonka (CAAFI)
Day 2. SAF GC Implementation and Long-Term View
Day 2 Recording
· Session 9: Opening Remarks
Steve Csonka (CAAFI)
· Session 10: SAF Grand Challenge Overview, Updates, and Next Steps
Nathan Brown (FAA)
William Goldner (USDA)
Zia Haq (DOE)
· Session 11: SAF Grand Challenge Implementation
Steve Csonka (CAAFI)
SAF Grand Challenge Interagency Working Group
· Session 12: SAF Grand Challenge Implementation Feedback Session
Steve Csonka (CAAFI)
· Session 13: Emerging Technologies to Support the SAF GC 2050 Goal
Chris Tindal (CAAFI)
Ian Rowe (DOE BETO)
Michael Thorson (PNNL)
· Session 14: ASTM Fuel Qualification Update
Mark Rumizen (ASTM D02.J0 Subcommittee Chair)
Gurhan Andac (GE Aerospace)
· Session 15: CAAFI Feedback Session
Steve Csonka (CAAFI)
· Session 16: Closing Remarks
Steve Csonka (CAAFI)

CAAFI Virtual SAF Mini-Symposium – June 1-3, 2021

Day 1. The State of Aviation and SAF Production
· Opening Remarks
Steve Csonka, CAAFI
· US Government SAF Engagement Updates
Kevin Welsh, Executive Director, Office of Environment and Energy, FAA
Michael Berube, ADAS for Sustainable Transportation, DOE
· SAF Interagency Working Group Updates
Nate Brown, FAA
Bill Goldner, USDA
Zia Haq, DOE
· State of Aviation - A4A Airline Commitments
Nicholas Calio, A4A
· Global Efforts
Robert Boyd, IATA
· The “Sustainability” in SAF: Current and potential future international aviation requirements for
Jim Hileman, FAA
· Current Producer Updates
Chris Cooper, Neste
Bryan Sherbacow, World Energy
Pat Gruber, Gevo
Christophe Bonelli, TotalEnergies
· Fuel Buyer Panel - Commercial Aviation
Nancy Young, A4A
Jill Blickstein, American Airlines
Mimi Braniff, Delta Air Lines Aaron Robinson, United Airlines
· Closing Remarks and Day - 2 Overview
Chris Tindal, CAAFI
Day 2. The Business of SAF - Spotlight on SAF producers’ commercialization activities
· Opening Remarks
Steve Csonka, CAAFI
· Future Producer Parade (10 minutes each)
Mike McAdams, ABFA
Jim Macias, Fulcrum
Terry Kulesa, Red Rock
Chuck Red, ARA
Jimmy Samartzis, LanzaJet
Maarten Van Dijk, SkyNRG
John Plaza, SkyNRG Americas
Jeff McDaniel, Velocys
Eric McAfee, Aemetis
Nick Andrews, USA Bioenergy
Dave Smoot, NW Advanced Biofuels
Nik Weinberg-Lynn, P66
Andreea Moyes, BP
Anna Stukas, Carbon Engineering
Tim Haig (Scott Pelletier), Forge
· Closing Remarks and Day - 3 Overview
Chris Tindal, CAAFI
Day 3. Technical Aspects of SAF Expansion
· Opening Remarks
Steve Csonka, CAAFI
· Fuel Suppliers, Getting SAF to Market
Jean Paquin, SAF+ Consortium
Darren Fuller, World Fuel Services
Keith Sawyer, Avfuel
Brian Batty, Signature Flight Support
· ASCENT SAF Supply Chain Efforts - Analysis and Tools
Mike Wolcott, WSU
· SAF Qualification, Technical Progress
Nate Brown, FAA
Fuel Qualification - Mark Rumizen, FAA
CAAFI Prescreening - Josh Heyne, U of Dayton
Clearinghouse Efforts - Steve Zabarnick, UDRI
· Initial Reflections on 100% SAF
Gurhan Andac, GE Aviation | Stephen Kramer, Pratt & Whitney
· Closing Remarks
Steve Csonka, CAAFI

CAAFI/CORE JetFuel Joint Workshop · April 28, 2016

· Agenda
· CAAFI Introduction
· Renewable Fuels for Aviation: European Union Perspective
· FNR Introduction
· Panel 1: U.S. Policies and Programs for Enabling Production and Use
· Panel 1: SENASA Supply Chain Development and Deployment of Alternative Fuels
· Panel 2: U.S. DOE Aviation Overview
· Panel 2: Promising Production Technologies and Value Chains in the European Union
· Panel 2: Initiative Towards Sustainable Kerosene for Aviation (ITAKA)
· Panel 2: Questions and Answers
· Panel 3: U.S. Sustainability Overview
· Panel 3: IFEU Sustainability
· Panel 3: Questions and Answers
· All Questions and Answers

CAAFI Environment Team Workshop · January 27, 2014

· Environment Team Workshop Summary and Outcomes
· Introduction
· A Comparison of LC GHG Accounting
· Review of EPA/OTAQ Biofuel LCA Work for RFS
· Case Studies on Variability in LC GHG Emissions of Biofuels
· ICAO CAEP Alternative Fuels Task Force: SOW
· RSB GHG Calculator

Advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference · April 17, 2013

· Introduction of CAAFI
· Business Team Update
· Certification/Qualification Team Update
· Environment Team Update
· R&D Team Update


· Environment Team Workshop (2013)
· CAAFI/FAA/DOE Sustainable Alternative Fuels Cost Workshop Meeting (2012)
· Research and Development Team Workshop Meeting (2012)
· Research and Development Team Advances Alternative Fuel Technical and Feedstock Evaluation Tools for Aviation (2011)
· CAAFI Environment Team Advances Greenhouse Gas and Sustainability Metrics for Sustainable Aviation Fuel Deployment (2010)
· Landmark Synthetic Jet Fuel Specification Passes Critical Hurdle (2009)
· CAAFI Aligns Aviation R&D Efforts, Alternative Fuel Suppliers and Government Initiatives (2009)
· Significant Progress Made Towards Adoption of Semi-Synthetic Aviation Fuel (2008)
· CAAFI Defines Approach to Alternative Fuel Greenhouse Gas Well to Wake Assessments (2008)
· Airline/Energy Producer Forum Advances Environmentally Friendly Alternative Jet Fuel Implementation (2008)
· 130 Alternative Fuel Producers, Buyers Meet to Spur Development of Viable Eco-Friendly Alternative Jet Fuels (2008)
· Coalition Establishes 2008 Priorities to Bring Aviation Fuels Closer to Fruition (2007)

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