· Civil Aviation Alternate Fuels Contrails and Emissions Research – Contrails Analysis (National Research Council Canada)
· Considerations for Using Existing Standards as Part of Alternative Fuels Approval and Deployment (Melanie Thom, Baere Aerospace under CRC contract)
· Production pathways for renewable jet fuel: a review of commercialization status and future prospects (Mawhood et al.)
· A Feedstock Readiness Level Tool to Complement the Aviation Industry Fuel Readiness Level Tool
· Alternative Jet Fuel Scenario Analysis Report (Volpe)
· Impact of Alternative Jet Fuel and Fuel Blends on Non-Metallic Materials Used in Commercial Aircraft Fuel Systems | CLEEN Project Final Report - Submitted by The Boeing Company (CLEEN program)
· Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Alternative Jet Fuels (PARTNER COE Project 28)
· Market Cost of Renewable Jet Fuel Adoption in the United States (PARTNER COE Project 31)
· Report Evaluating Existing Sustainability Evaluation Programs (Volpe BAA)
· Sustainability Criteria and Rating Systems for Use in the Aircraft Alternative Fuel Supply Chain (Volpe BAA)
· USAF Interagency Aviation Fuel Life Cycle Assessment Working Group “Framework and Guidance for Estimating Greenhouse Gas Footprints of Aviation Fuels” (CAAFI)
· PARTNER COE Reports page

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ASTM Specifications

Please follow these links to the ASTM International Specifications applicable to jet fuels:

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