Airbus and JetBlue announced a joint commitment to sustainable aviation fuel with first-ever customer delivery flights of new aircraft from the Mobile, Alabama production facility.

19 September 2018 - Demonstrating their combined commitment towards eco-efficiency in aviation, Airbus delivered a new aircraft to JetBlue this past week that was fueled with a blend of sustainable alternative jet fuel (SAJF). This delivery is a first step for Airbus’ sustainable aviation fuels strategy in the U.S., and a key aspect of JetBlue’s emissions reduction strategy. With an aviation industry-wide goal to cap net greenhouse gas growth from 2020 onward, the two companies are preparing their businesses for the long-term. Chris Tindal, CAAFI Assistant Director attended the news conference for this announcement at Airbus’ Mobile, Alabama aircraft production and delivery facility.

JetBlue undertook the delivery acceptance process of this first of five new A-321s and flew the aircraft on a 15% blend of sustainable alternative jet fuel, which was sourced through Air BP. The feedstock used for the production of the SAJF was used cooking oil.

For Airbus, this is their second assembly facility to supply SAJF in their delivered aircraft, having started such deliveries from their Toulouse, France facility previously. A part of Airbus’ strategy in the U.S. is to help develop a more permanent local source of SAJF in the Southeast region. CAAFI is working with Airbus and some of their partners on analysis in the region, and to link various parts of SAJF supply-chains together for their initiative. This could help bring agricultural, logistic, and manufacturing jobs to the region.

The main speakers at the announcement news conference were Daryl Taylor, the Vice President & General Manager of Airbus U.S. Manufacturing Facility, Sophia Mendelsohn, the Director of Sustainability & Environmental Social Governance for JetBlue, and Frederic Eychenne, the Sustainable Aviation Engagement Program Manager for Airbus.

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