Qantas Airways Partners with Feedstock Supply Company Agrisoma to Establish AJF Supply Chain in Australia

21 November 2017 – Agrisoma and Qantas Airways have partnered to establish a commercial alternative jet fuel supply chain in Australia. Agrisoma, a Canadian company, will supply Brassica carinata seed, a feedstock suitable for jet fuel, to Australian farmers. Agrisoma aims to eventually grow the crop on nearly 1 million acres in Australia, producing more than 50 million gallons to replace up to 50 percent of the airline’s annual fuel needs. A demonstration flight using alternative jet fuel derived from Brassica carinata seed between the United States and Australia is scheduled for January 2018. There are still a lot of questions, such as who will convert the feedstock into jet fuel, but for now the focus by an end user on crop development is a novel approach. The Australian supply chain is expected to produce fuel for the airline before the end of 2019. Read more about the agreement here.

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