First Demonstration Flights on 100% Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuel in a Saab Gripen Fighter Jet with ARA Readijet® Fuel

11 April 2017 – On March 28th, Saab Group completed the first demonstration flights using 100% sustainable alternative jet fuel (SAJF) in a Gripen single engine (GKN RM12) fighter jet. Conducted in Linkoping, Sweden, the flights went perfectly according to plan, proving that 100% SAJF can replace conventional jet fuel in a Gripen engine with no noticeable differences in performance. Saab used a rapeseed oil-based SAJF called Readijet® or CHCJ-5 produced by Applied Research Associates (ARA) using catalytic hydrothermolysis for its Gripen test flights that did not require any engine modifications for use. These flights were a crucial step in demonstrating the potential of 100% SAJF for use in military aerospace, a practice that will work to reduce the carbon footprint of the aviation industry. A similar test flight was performed by the U.S. Navy in November 2016.

ARA and its partners are working with CAAFI to achieve ASTM qualification for their SAJF process.

For more information, refer to the Saab news story.

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