Etihad Claims to Cut Emissions by 72% on Flight

November 18, 2021 — Etihad Airways made a low-emissions flight that is an example of sustainable fuels challenges. The flight from London to Abu Dhabi on October 23 reportedly cut CO2 emissions by 72% using a combination of carbon cutting technologies. The flight was part of Etihad’s Greenliner program that is a two-year partnership between the airline and Boeing using the 787 fleet as a test model for sustainability improvements. While the flight was successful in reducing emissions, it also pointed out some roadblocks to sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) usage. While SAF is a cleaner alternative to traditional fuels, it is currently very expensive and difficult to source. The industry as a whole will have to work to overcome these challenges in order for SAF to become more accessible.

Details on Etihad’s flight and Greeliner program can be found here.

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