House Committee Urges GAO to Study SAF

April 8, 2021 — The House Transportation and Infrastructure (T&I) committee chairman, along with the aviation subcommittee chairman and other members, has urged the Government Accounting Office (GAO) to begin a study on policy measures that could increase sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production. Many in the aviation sector wonder how widely accepted SAF would be if readily available, and how quickly it could be adopted. It is the hope of the T&I committee and others that this study could look at policies that could make SAF production and adoption appealing to companies. During a T&I hearing last month, U.S. Transportation Secretary Buttigieg made known his support for further development and use of renewable fuels. The GAO does not have to accept the study request, but likely will as the effort has broad support.

More information on the requested study can be found here.

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