Gevo Announces Net-Zero 1 Project

February 4, 2021 — Gevo has announced Net-Zero Projects for the production of energy dense liquid hydrocarbons. This production will use renewable energy and Gevo’s proprietary technology. The goal of the Net-Zero Project is to convert renewable energy from a wide-range of sources into energy dense liquid hydrocarbons. These hydrocarbons have the potential to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions across the lifecycle when used in traditional engines. Net-Zero 1, the first project, will be constructed in Lake Preston, South Dakota, and is expected to have a hydrocarbon capacity of 45MGPY for gasoline and jet fuel. The Net-Zero 1 project is projected to produce more than 350,000,000 pounds per year of high protein feed products for use in the food chain, and produce enough renewable natural gas to be self-sufficient for production needs.

To read more about the expected benefits of Net-Zero 1 for SAF read this.

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