November Webinar Series Hosted by CAAFI focused on “Drop-in” Alternative Fuel Distribution

December 4, 2020 — In November, CAAFI continued hosting its webinar series with presentations on industry progress in certifying novel fuels. The aviation industry agrees that alternative fuels should “drop-in” to all distribution and storage channels. Currently, there are seven alternative fuel pathways have been approved for commercial use. Several other entities are actively pursuing ASTM certification. During the webinar, Griffin Valentich, from Shell, and Eva van Mastbergen, from SkyNRG representing Global Bioenergies, both provided an overview of the pathway they are pursuing and gave an update on the qualification process. 139 members of the sustainable aviation fuel community were in attendance and engaged in the presentations.

The presentation given by Eva van Mastbergen can be found here.

For a list and description of the already approved fuels as well as more detail on the ASTM D4054 qualification process, please visit CAAFI’s webpage.

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