AltAir Fuels and SkyNRG expand supply of SAJF to commercial aviation in the U.S. and Sweden

23 May 2017—Sustainable alternative jet fuel (SAJF) is receiving a lot of publicity in May. On May 3, Singapore Airlines celebrated its 70th anniversary with its first flight operated on SAJF. The flight from San Francisco to Singapore kicks off a three-month-long, 12-flight period during which the Airbus A350-900 will run entirely on the blend of SAJF and standard jet fuel. The fuel is made from used cooking oil and is produced by AltAir fuels, the world’s first commercial renewable fuel refinery. SkyNRG supplied the fuel and co-funded the premium. China Aviation Oil (CAO) and EPIC Fuels (also jet fuel providers) worked in close cooperation with SkyNRG. Read more about this venture here.

May 18 also saw SAJF market progression when Sweden’s largest airport operator, Swedavia, received its first batch of SAJF. The fuel was produced by AltAir Fuels and supplied by SkyNRG and Air BP, and will be used in 2017 at the Gothenburg Airport in Sweden. Swedavia facilitated the process of bringing this SAJF to market with the help of the Fly Green Fund, an initiative founded by SkyNRG, EFS, KLM, SAS, and BRA that reduces the upfront premiums associated with entering the SAJF market. It is able to do this by creating demand and supporting local feedstock producers. Read more from the original article here.

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