French Industry and Government Agree to Promote SAF

February 12, 2020 – The French government recently announced their ambition to replace 50% of traditional jet fuel with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) by 2050. The announcement came out of an 18-month collaboration between the French government and industry, including Air France, Airbus, Safran, Total and Suez, to define French SAF goals. This was the first public-private aviation initiative in France and laid out the following five recommendations for standing-up the SAF industry in France:

• Mobilize the necessary volume of feedstocks to support the aviation sector
• Ensure sustainable resources are used to produce SAF
• Ensure value for all players throughout the supply chain through appropriate incentives
• Use existing airport logistics networks
• Support and promote production diversification

Alongside the government’s ambitions, the group of industrial entities announced the launch of a new Call for Expression of Interest (CEI) as a first step towards burgeoning the SAF industry in France. The CEI is expected to provide support and incentives for investments in SAF production facilities in France.

The French government and industry are working together to cultivate a welcoming environment for advancements in favor of a sustainable aviation fuel industry in France.

Read the press release here and article here.

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