Industry-led Partnership Launches Canadian SAF Initiative

December 6, 2019 - The Green Aviation Research and Development Network (GARDN), SkyNRG, Waterfall Group and Vancouver Airport Authority have announced the launch of the industry-led initiative BioPortYVR to increase the supply of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in Canada. SAF is not currently widely available in Canada. Meanwhile, demand is growing in the country as the airline industry looks to reduce its carbon footprint. BioPortYVR will consider and evaluate the viability of implementing regional supply chains to distribute SAF to airlines at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) and surrounding airports through demand centers, known as BioPorts. In the coming months, the project partners will engage with stakeholders to develop a series of actionable recommendations for the introduction of SAF at YVR.

Read more about it on GARDN’s website here.

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