CAAFI’s Executive Director Emeritus Presents SAF Activities, Approaches, and Expansion Goals

October 3, 2019 – On September 25th, Rich Altman, CAAFI Executive Director Emeritus, provided an overview of CAAFI’s state and regional activities focused on the process elements necessary for success, East Coast project case studies and expansion goals.

Approaches to developing and commercializing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) vary significantly for different states and regions. Commercial SAF supply chains need to be formed at local levels. The December 2018 CAAFI Biennial General Meeting (CBGM) attendees recognized this requirement and proposed an intensified focus on state and regional efforts within CAAFI. This webinar responded to this request focusing on and communicating best practices that are being identified via state and regional efforts on the East Coast of the United States. The presentation covered case studies as to how these practices are being applied on various projects from Vermont to Florida. In addition, the webinar introduced attendees to the roster of CAAFI state and regional representatives who are joining with CAAFI leadership to help facilitate efforts in both their demonstrated areas of expertise and geographic reach.

The presentation was well attended with approximately 90 participants. CAAFI welcomes anyone who is interested in organizing or participating in SAF efforts at the state and/or regional levels to contact us.

View the presentation slide deck here.

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