Finnair Flies First SAF Flights Funded by Customers

14 August 2019 – Earlier this month, Finnair flew two flights from San Francisco to Helsinki powered by 12 percent sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) blend. The SAF flights were the first backed entirely by Finnair’s “Push for Change” initiative. This initiative provides Finnair customers with the opportunity to offset or decrease the emissions associated with their travel. Customers can choose to donate to offset their emissions (€1 for round trip within Finland, €2 for a round trip within Europe, or €6 for an intercontinental round trip) or they can buy SAF for €10, €20, or €65. With the contributions raised to date Finnair was able to purchase the SAF for the flights. Finnair states the use of SAF on the flights reduced the total CO2 emissions by approximately 32 tons. SkyNRG and World Energy were Finnair’s partners in San Francisco and Shell Aviation provided logistics support.

Read Finnair’s press release here and more about their “push for Change” initiative here.

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