Auburn University Awarded Grant for Carinata Feasibility Study

23 April 2019 – With funds made available by U.S. Department of Energy, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey awarded a grant of nearly $40,000 to Auburn University to conduct a feasibility study of whether Carinata can be grown in the state and converted to biofuel. The effort intends to leverage the Freight/Fuel Transportation Optimization Tool (FTOT) to identify supply chain needs in the state. FTOT can be used to understand how much biofuel can be produced in the near-term in a certain area. It can analyze the potential availability of biofuel feedstocks such as Carinata out to 2030 and anticipate demand to analyze how that material would optimally flow through the supply chain over the transportation network. A Volpe team led by CAAFI’s Kristin Lewis developed the tool.

Read the news release from the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs here.

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