U.S. Dept. of Energy awards grants to 36 bioenergy research & development projects, including 4 AJF projects

5 Sept 2018 – The U.S. Dept. of Energy’s (DOE) Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Office (EERE) has awarded $80 million in the form of 36 grants for bioenergy research and development. These grants are intended to make progress toward DOE’s goal of reducing bio-based drop-in fuel costs to below $3/gallon by 2022.

CAAFI is pleased to note that a number of the awarded projects focus on alternative jet fuel (AJF) and/or specific technology development with various CAAFI collaborators, as well as on affordable and sustainable feedstocks that will supply the entire bioeconomy sector.

CAAFI greatly appreciates EERE’s ongoing partnership in fostering the development of AJF technologies and related processes.

The DOE Announcement can be found here.

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