Natural Resources Canada Call for Entrants to “The Sky’s the Limit Challenge” for SAJF producers

24 Aug 2018 – Natural Resource Canada has created two new prize-based competitions for sustainable alternative jet fuel (SAJF) proponents: a Cross-Canada Flight Competition, and a Green Aviation Fuels Innovation Competition.

The Cross-Canada Flight Competition will award a prize to the first Canadian sustainable aviation fuel producer to supply 2,500 liters of Canadian-made, ASTM-qualified, minimum 10% blend of SAJF to Air Canada and West Jet for a cross-country flight. The producer must be incorporated or registered in Canada. This $1 million CAD prize can be awarded at any time after the criteria are met.

The Green Aviation Fuels Innovation Competition will award a prize for a project that produces at least 10 liters of SAJF with demonstrable innovations in technology, the lowest greenhouse gas emissions, lowest cost, and best potential for scale-up. Competitors must be validly incorporated or registered in Canada, and consortia are encouraged. Applicants who are selected as finalists will be eligible to receive up to $2 million CAD in funding to support competition for the final prize of $5 million CAD.

The deadline for submitting a proposal for the Green Aviation Fuels Innovation Competition is February 2019, with finalists announced May 2019, final prize submission deadline by November 2020, and final price winner announcement by March 31, 2021.

Steve Csonka, CAAFI’s Executive Director commented, “We’ve always enjoyed a great collaborative relationship with our partners to the north (airlines, fuel producers, government, and feedstock developers). Over the last year, CAAFI team members have provided consultation to the Canadian team on this program. We are pleased to see this program move forward, and expect it to be impactful. We hope to see some potential producers in Canada –such as Carbon Engineering, Enerkem, Ensyn, Forge Hydrocarbons, Gasosyn Energies, GreenField Global, NextStep, Parkland Refinery, SBI Bioenergy, and Steeper Energy - explore the use of this Prize program to help them accelerate efforts to commercialize SAJF production.”

Additional information on the Sky is the Limit Challenges can be found here and the FAQ can be found here.

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