Gevo and Avfuel Agree to Long Term Supply Agreement

5 July 2018 – Gevo and Avfuel have announced that they have entered into a long term supply agreement effective July 1, 2018. This agreement makes Avfuel Gevo’s exclusive aviation fuel distributor of their alcohol-to-jet fuel (ATJ) to business aviation and its entire portfolio of customers. Avfuel is a leading global supplier of aviation fuel and services servicing more than 3,000 locations worldwide. This is Gevo’s first long-term commercial supply agreement for its ATJ.

The agreement is an important step for Gevo in their efforts to develop a large-scale facility that is expected to have production capacity of 10-12 million gallons per year. The agreement consists of two phases. Gevo will supply Avfuel from their small-scale facility in Silsbee, Texas that has the capacity to produce approximately 35,000 gallons of neat ATJ per year while constructing a larger-scale facility at its existing ethanol and isobutanol production facility located in Luverne, MN. Upon completion of the facility in Luverne, the second phase of the agreement would commence where Gevo would provide larger volumes of ATJ to Avfuel up to 1 million gallons of the concentrated SAJF per year, which would equate to 10 million gallons of blended jet fuel over a five year term with the option to extend the agreement beyond those initial 5 years.

Avfuel played a significant role in the development of the Business Aviation Guide: To the Use of Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuel (SAJF)—released in May of this year at EBACE. This agreement between Avfuel and Gevo puts that guidance into actionable commercial activity.

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