Boeing, FedEx Continue ecoDemonstrator Program Test Flights, including Fully Synthetic Alternative Jet Fuel

28 March 2018 – The ecoDemonstrator Program, now in its fifth iteration, uses Boeing aircraft as test beds focused on accelerating the development of novel technologies that are designed to improve environmental and safety performance of airplanes. FedEx Express owns the Boeing 777 Freighter that’s serving as the current ecoDemonstrator. The aircraft is currently being used for flight tests at Boeing Field in Seattle, Washington. Once flight testing is complete at the end of April, the airplane will be returned to FedEx to resume regular delivery services. The 2018 flights will test about 35 separate technologies ranging from a laser system that can detect clear air turbulence to ground collision avoidance. CAAFI is pleased to note that nearly all of these tests will fly on a blend of HEFA biofuel to reduce emissions and increase efficiency. Several flights will use 100 percent fully synthetic fuel to also demonstrate the performance and properties of this alternative fuel. Boeing will evaluate the fuel system and engine and aircraft performance using the unblended alternative fuel compared to traditional petroleum-based jet fuel. Boeing expects these data to support industry approval of increased blend levels.

See and read more information about this year’s ecoDemonstrator Program here and here.

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