Two European Airlines Announce Efforts on Improving Sustainability via Customer Engagement: AJF and Carbon Offsetting at Booking

28 March 2018 – Braathens Regional Airlines and Ryanair are providing passengers the opportunity to help the airlines improve their sustainability by purchasing alternative jet fuel (AJF) and carbon offsets, respectively. Braathens is the first airline in the world that allows customers to select AJF at the point of purchase by adding the difference in fuel cost of traditional petroleum-based jet fuel, but adding no other fees. The AJF will be offered to all customers based on a fixed cost equivalent to their average flight time of one hour. Similarly Ryanair, who just launched their Environmental Policy that includes support for the 2-degree ambition of the Paris agreement and the sector’s goals of reducing net CO2 emissions by 50% by 2050 using 2005 as a baseline, will begin offering customers the ability to make a donation during booking to offset their carbon emissions.

Read more about these efforts here and here.

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