CAAFI R&D Team Hosted Webinar Presenting ASCENT’s Approach to Regional Projects

2 March 2018 – On February 23, 2018, CAAFI’s R&D Team hosted principals from the FAA’s Aviation Sustainability Center (ASCENT) to present the current approach of Project 01: Alternative Jet Fuel Supply Chain Analysis that is focusing on concrete, tactical opportunities to develop operational supply chains. Nate Brown, Program Manager, provided an overview of the approach to the three regional projects that have been undertaken in the U.S. located in the Inland Pacific Northwest, Hawaii, and the Southeast. Scott Turn, Project 01 Lead Investigator, and Dr. Mike Wolcott, ASCENT Director and Project 01 Coordinator, followed with more detail on the opportunities in Hawaii and the Inland Northwest.

To view the slides from the presentations click here.

SOAP-Jet webinars are intended to provide a forum for members of the alternative jet fuel community to discuss progress and related gaps and challenges, share lessons learned, methodologies, and strategies in order to promote communication among stakeholders and enable commercialization of Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuel (SAJF).

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