CAAFI R&D and Sustainability Teams Host SOAP-Jet Webinar: Industrial Ecology Frameworks for Sustainable Aviation Fuel Development

26 June 2017—Seminars On Alternatives to Petroleum (SOAP)-Jet webinars are intended to provide a forum for members of the sustainable alternative jet fuel (SAJF) community to discuss progress, gaps, and challenges, while sharing lessons learned, methodologies, and strategies to promote communication amongst stakeholders and to enable further commercialization of SAJF.

The latest CAAFI SOAP-Jet Webinar, titled “Industrial Ecology Frameworks for Sustainable Aviation Fuel Development,” took place on June 16th. Industrial Ecology is a systems-based, multidisciplinary approach to understanding the design and emergent properties of human industrial activities. It seeks to transition the industry from linear, single-pass, waste-generating supply chains that convert inputs to products towards more closed-loop, circular-economy systems in which wastes become inputs, and resources and facilities are shared. This webinar provided an overview of Industrial Ecology and its specific application to the design of systems for SAJF technologies deployment. Dr. Valerie Thomas of Georgia Tech provided an introduction discussing the theme and utility of Industrial Ecology, while Dr. Laurel Harmon of Lanzatech provided illustrative examples of her company’s efforts to develop the circular economy. The webinar also featured a facilitated discussion on how this framework addresses several challenges to commercialize SAJF.

To view the presentation click here.

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