Fact Sheets


· 2016 CAAFI® General Meeting Summary and Outcomes

February 2014

· Business Team Breakout Session
· Certification/Qualification Team Breakout Session
· Environment Team Breakout Session
· Environment Team Workshop
· General Meeting
· Research and Development Team Breakout Session

2013, 2012, 2011, and 2010

· Environment Team Workshop (2013)
· CAAFI/FAA/DOE Sustainable Alternative Fuels Cost Workshop Meeting (2012)
· Research and Development Team Workshop Meeting (2012)
· CAAFI General Meeting and Expo (2011)
· Research and Development Team Advances Alternative Fuel Technical and Feedstock Evaluation Tools for Aviation (2011)
· CAAFI Environment Team Advances Greenhouse Gas and Sustainability Metrics for Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuel Deployment (2010)

2009, 2008, and 2007

· Landmark Synthetic Jet Fuel Specification Passes Critical Hurdle (2009)
· CAAFI Aligns Aviation R&D Efforts, Alternative Fuel Suppliers and Government Initiatives (2009)
· Significant Progress Made Towards Adoption of Semi-Synthetic Aviation Fuel (2008)
· CAAFI Defines Approach to Alternative Fuel Greenhouse Gas Well to Wake Assessments (2008)
· Airline/Energy Producer Forum Advances Environmentally Friendly Alternative Jet Fuel Implementation (2008)
· 130 Alternative Fuel Producers, Buyers Meet to Spur Development of Viable Eco-Friendly Alternative Jet Fuels (2008)
· Coalition Establishes 2008 Priorities to Bring Aviation Fuels Closer to Fruition (2007)

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